Permission Click core part of team behind ‘Help Next Door MB’ App; a COVID-19 Volunteer Matching Platform

We were thrilled to step up as a software development partner alongside the good folks at ID Fusion Software for North Forge Technology Exchange on this Government of Manitoba initiative to help the vulnerable members of our community in this unprecedented time.

The goal was clear: Build a single, trusted place for those who need help and those with the capacity to volunteer/support, to find a match amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Support help might include a senior who gets snowed in and needs help clearing their walk, or someone who needs important medicine picked up, and many more.

The following high-level concepts were incorporated:

  • A web-based platform with no app to download for simplicity.
  • Focused on best practice accessibility standards.
  • Collect Government Issued ID to conduct background checks of users for safety.
  • Use world-class infrastructure and encryption with focus on security.
  • Ensure help requests can be submitted for self or on behalf of a loved one.

Permission Click felt we could bring a lot to the table leveraging our unparalleled experience handling data privacy and security in highly regulated environments, along with our highly scalable infrastructure experience managing public-sector entities (school districts) with large loads on the system in short periods of time (think start of year forms going out to 250,000 families at the same moment).

The team at Permission Click stepped up in a big way. We had less than one week to collect requirements, design the user interface and experience, select architecture and technology stack, spin up all the environments, build the actual application, test for quality assurance, and build media assets and brand. A project this size would typically happen over the course of 8-12 weeks!

The team worked long into the night for days on end, over the weekend, and somehow managed to accomplish the task for launch day.

While this platform was initially built for Manitoba, we hope that your local municipality, state, or province will adopt the tool as well!

On a personal note, as a community member of North Forge, I look forward to seeing our membership lead the way in what is already one of the top volunteering Provinces in the Country!

Visit https://HelpNextDoorMB.ca to volunteer or to make a request today!

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