Our Policy is Implementing Yours

Permission Click was conceptualized by a teacher after a long night spent chasing down permission forms and payments for a school activity happening the next day.

Frustrated that critical consent forms were still being sent to parents via kids’ backpacks, the founding team was determined to find a better way.

In 2013, the company launched with one aim – to bypass the backpack by creating digital permission slips that parents could easily access.

Since then, Permission Click has evolved in consultation with educators and user feedback to become a leader in the education-technology industry. The expansive list of features available today offers innovative digital solutions to administrative problems, for regional managers, principals, teachers and parents.

Today, Permission Click is a multi-functional platform that helps schools digitize and automate policies and processes, while remaining committed to reducing paper waste.

Prestige Worldwide

Schools across North America trust Permission Click, and we’re now part of SchoolMessenger, the leader in K-12 communications technology.

Cutting Costs

Permission Click enables schools and districts to cut thousands of dollars in expenses every year, just taking their forms and policies digital.

Go Green

Every year Permission Click helps schools save thousands of trees by switching to digital, making us a truly green initiative for the 21st century.

Learn how your forms can be replaced with a Permission Click solution.