OECM awards Permission Click for Cashless Transaction Management and Digital Forms Management


OECM, the premier customer-driven supply management partner for Ontario’s education sector has selected Permission Click as a provider of Cashless Transaction Management and Digital Forms Management.

Representing 72 public school boards and approximately 2 million students, OECM has partnered with Permission Click to make Permission Click available to boards in Ontario.

We are thrilled to offer Permission Click’s “Safe Pay” platform which allows districts to leverage world-class payment collection capabilities for a wide range of uses including start of year fees, uniforms, fundraising, and much more. Permission Click’s SafePay offering for OECM is unrivalled in flexibility and robust form building capabilities. (https://oecm.ca/organization/permission-click-inc)

Parents can click and complete payment forms on any connected device in over 100 languages. Payments can be processed via major credit cards and debit cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

For districts looking for an Enterprise-level partner to transition forms across the district, Permission Click’s “District Edition” seamlessly bolts onto SafePay to automate internal forms and workflows, approval paths, multi-form processes, and audit trails. Integrate with your SIS and other systems to pre-populate forms with data that respondents (e.g. parents) can confirm or update, and be used to update your systems of record. Permission Click is your front-end forms platform. We also feature complete Microsoft Active Directory role mapping and provisioning.

Permission Click already serves a growing number of leading districts in Ontario including Toronto District School Board, Durham Catholic, Niagara Catholic, and Lambton Kent to automate both parent-facing forms and internal forms and processes to help achieve policy compliance.

Share your forms with us for a 15-minute “go-digital” form review. Our team will review your mission-critical forms, ensure Permission Click will meet your needs, and design a tailored onboarding plan to deliver a smooth and successful rollout for your consideration.


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