Case Study:

How one Texas district took their Technology Acceptable Use & Insurance Policy from liability nightmare to 100% completion rate in one day.

Dennis HaynieDirector of Technology at Andrews Independent School District (AISD)

One-to-one computing has quickly moved from educational buzzword to teaching revolution. Backed by studies showing improved student outcomes, diversified and personalized learning applications, and a multitude of networking and infrastructure grants, embracing a 1:1 learning environment is now easier than ever. So much so that over 50% of US teachers utilize 1:1 pedagogy in the classroom.

Yet successful district-wide deployment remains an incredible challenge for large and small districts alike. Ever-changing student data privacy laws coupled with district-specific usage policies, take-home regulations, and variable insurance premiums have created administrative roadblocks  that are extremely difficult to navigate; driving operating costs of 1:1 programs through the roof.

Dennis Haynie, Director of Technology at Andrews Independent School District (AISD) knows this pain all too well. AISD launched their 1:1 program back in 2011. Like many districts, AISD collects a required user fee, optional and variable insurance fee, and an Acceptable Use Policy and Consent form prior to providing an iPad or MacBook Air to their students. Recognizing the huge liability exposure posed by paper and cash collection for this initiative, Dennis opted for a digital solution prioritizing ease of use, accessibility, reporting, and fee collection. AISD experimented with a variety of common payment collection and forms solutions; each falling short in their claims while adding hours of administrative burden to his team.

“The first system was so complicated that parents were paying in cash. Our principal had a stack of thousands of dollars sitting in his desk drawer! The second system had no connection to the Acceptable Use Policy. My team wasted hours tracking down the right approvals weekly. Every system we tried increased liability risk or staff workload – often both.”

Determined to source an alternative solution, Dennis found Permission Click through a quick Google search. In less than one day, AISD’s Permission Click account was fully configured and his Technology Acceptable Use Policy was sent home to 1758 parents with the click of a button.

“It just worked. We had no bugs, no roadblocks. We didn’t have to formally train our staff. Everything was easy, smooth, the way you’d want it to be. We deployed in one day, and parents loved it.”

Dennis’ TAUP received an unprecedented 80% of their parent responses back before the start of the school year – an unrealistic expectation with any of their previous systems. Even more astounding, 99.27% of their parents chose to pay online – reducing thousands of dollars of cash passing through AISD schools each year.

After two years of using Permission Click, Dennis’ team has:

  • Collected over $230,000 in fees
  • Achieved a 100% completion rate for their Acceptable Use Policy
  • Received over 80% of responses before the first day of class
  • Digitized their insurance deductible, device purchase, and outdoor education classes
  • Re-allocated thousands of hours in staff time from paper management to student impact-driven initiatives

At the end of the day, Dennis’ team is able to excel in delivering mission-critical technologies to staff and students across their district because of Permission Click.

“Our department manages everything from Instructional Technology to Help Desk, Student Data, Network, Servers, user devices, and Professional Development. It’s a huge department. Permission Click gives us the ability to properly manage our 1:1 program and ensure we can offer the best experience for our students.”

Considering launching a 1:1 program in your district?

After helping hundreds of schools deploy, we’ve got more than a few best practices to share. Request a demo today and see how Permission Click can help you.

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