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For K–12 schools and youth-based organizations concerned with informed parental consent, internal approvals and a streamlined process.

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Online permissions and informed consent

Bypass the backpack! Create digital permission slips, registration forms, order forms, and more in seconds. Send a link home for parents to click and complete on any connected device or computer — with no apps to download. Permission Click can even collect fees and payments online from parents to save time, hassle, and risk associated with cash and cheques.

Admin approvals & process compliance

Creating policy is one thing, implementing it consistently is quite another! Internal forms such as notice of intent / travel requests, facility bookings, sick leave requests, and more can now be fully automated with Permission Click. Your digital forms will follow your custom approval workflows, while on-the-fly editing and automated version control ensures the most up to date form version is used every time.

Reporting tools

One place. One place to go to see all your forms and get approval status. One place to see which field trips are taking place and which students are participating. One place to check the pulse and get reporting on everything you care about.

Permission Click District provides you with the tools you need so you can monitor and manage multiple schools and clubs in one place. School administrators have visibility school-wide, while teachers and organizers have detailed reports at their fingertips.

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