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Pre-populate your online forms with SIS data so they are fast to fill out, fun for families to engage with, and compliant with your policies.

Our platform is powerful, proven, and scalable across your district. Learn how you can cut through the clutter to streamline your forms and workflows to help boost student outcomes with Permission Click.

Thousands of schools across North America use Permission Click to digitize their paper-based forms and workflows.

Get your student verification forms completed in no time

Build upon the technology your district has already invested in to achieve seamless interoperability.

Send information verification forms to parents and get them back in as little as one day. For example, take this 21,000 student district in Toronto, that integrated over 200 fields from their SIS with their digital form, allowing them to update their parent contact information in record time.

“This process used to take two months now we get 2000 submissions back in one day”, says their CTO, Ronald Rodriguez.

Hear From Ronald

Expand your reach with digital forms

With Permission Click, you can automate paperwork to cut down on red tape. Create a form for each paper-based process and integrate it with an existing system to streamline student data. Build compliance checks into your process so you can monitor for policy violations. You have everything you need in one place to manage all of your paperwork—and grow your reach.

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And Get A $2,500 Integration Credit*

Automate your verification processes

Get the right forms and verifications delivered to your students and families quickly and easily

Digitize and streamline student verification forms

Digitize and consolidate your verification forms in a single smooth process that is easy to complete for parents. This can also be applied to your athletics packages or any form in your district.

Prepopulate your parent verification forms with data from your SIS

With SIS integration you can easily pre-populate your digital forms with data for respondents to confirm or update from other systems including SIS, LMS, ERP, Accounting systems, and more.

Parents can re-verify their children’s info in just a few clicks.

Recover 90% of the time spent on manual processes

Make a quantum leap in operational efficiency with automated processes and follow-ups when you send student verifications, start-of-year packages digitally through Permission Click with pre-populated data fields. Locate specific responses without having to dig through years worth of files and paper.

Your forms, verifications, and workflow processes in a single trusted platform.

Automate your most complex processes in just a few minutes

String multiple forms and workflows together to automate entire processes including complex multi-step start-of-year packages, student verifications, or athletics clearance packages that contain ten or more forms and leave no space for staff or parent guesswork.

Collect fees digitally

Deliver parents a single, trusted experience when completing forms and start-of-year packages that require payment collection.

Supported by world-class security standards, you can collect fees using most payment methods, including all major credit cards, debit cards, and linked wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

White-glove onboarding

That means accelerated setup, roll out, and implementation without any project management burden on your part.

Permission Click is easy to roll out. You can be live in as little as 24-hours for individual schools and as little as a few days for your entire district. Our team will deliver our acclaimed white-glove onboarding with a dedicated account manager to ensure you are ready to go live in no time.

Reduce the use of paper & slash printing and paper costs

Just by digitizing your student verification or start-of-year packages, you can dramatically reduce the amount of paper and ink you use every year. The savings you can make in paper and printing costs can more than cover your license fees delivering an instant positive ROI.

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And Get A $2,500 Integration Credit*

With Permission Click, managing your student verification forms is far easier, faster, and more secure

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder
Highly customizable
World-class security standards. Including AES-256 encryption
Districts can create and share approved templates
Multiple ways to send to parents
Parents rave about Permission Click's unmatched ease of use
Unparalleled onboarding and support
SSO with Google or Microsoft Azure Active Directory with role mapping

Our enterprise-grade platform was built from the ground up for K–12 & scales across your district

Student Services

Parent/Public Forms

  • Start-of-Year Packages
  • Student Registration
  • Demographic Info Verification
  • Student Travel/Excursions
  • Athletic Clearance Packages

Internal Forms

  • School Transfer Requests
  • Out-of-Catchment Requests

Collect Fees with SafePay

  • School Fees
  • Spirit Wear
  • Hot Lunch Orders
  • Fundraising


Parent/Public Forms

  • Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  • 1:1 Device
  • 3rd Party Data Sharing Consent

Internal Forms

  • Device Service Request
  • Staff Technology Use Policy

Collect Fees with SafePay

  • 1:1 Device Insurance Fees

Business & Finance

Parent/Public Forms

  • Contract Management
  • Facility Use Agreements
  • Transportation Forms

Internal Forms

  • Expense Submission
  • Mileage Expense
  • Facilities & Maintenance

Collect Fees with SafePay

  • Deposit/Accounting Reports
  • Single-Click Refunds


Parent/Public Forms

  • Job Applications
  • Professional Development Signup
  • Off-Site Working Excursion

Internal Forms

  • New Staff Hiring Request
  • Time-Off Request
  • Conference Travel

Collect Fees with SafePay

  • Staff Fundraising
  • Staff Spirit Wear

Risk Management

Parent/Public Forms

  • COVID Daily Screening
  • Transition to Online Learning
  • Bully Incident Reporting
  • Severe Weather Protocol

Internal Forms

  • Incident Reporting
  • Staff Policy Acceptance
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And Get A $2,500 Integration Credit*

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    • Jointly discover where digital forms and workflows might accelerate your district, no matter your starting point (identify “low hanging fruit” / priority forms).
    • Show you how those forms will work digitally with Permission Click.
    • Provide you details of what a successful onboarding/implementation looks like so you know what to expect.

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