Permission to breathe easy

Know the right forms are being used and approved by the right people every time. Also enjoy district-wide visibility for your forms and events.

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We know how hard it is to break through all those bottle-necks in your approval process (not you of course).

District-wide visibilty

Who's at the zoo today? Are all the media consent forms collected? Your dashboard will help you track all activities and approvals district-wide. You can even zoom right into a single school & classroom for more details.

You have policies. Let them shine!

Right form. Right Approvals. Every time. Form templates support your customized workflow, and helps your district policy rubber hit the road at the school level.

Powerful reporting tools for big-picture insights

Which forms are being used most? How many visits to the zoo in 2016? The data you need to power informed policy decision making.


Feature List

Permission Click Permission Click
Drag-and-Drop Form Builder (Unlimited Forms) Check mark Check mark
Collect Informed Consent (Unlimited) Check mark Check mark
Actionable Reporting Tools Check mark Check mark
Data Export to Excel Check mark Check mark
School-level Templates Check mark Check mark
School-level Form Approvals (Optional) Check mark Check mark
Fee and Payment Collection (Optional) Check mark Check mark
Accounting Deposit Reports (Optional) Check mark Check mark
District Dashboard remove Check mark
Internal Forms remove Check mark
District-wide Form Templates remove Check mark
Custom Approval Workflows remove Check mark
District Reporting remove Check mark
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We have robust policies and processes in our division for things like Student Activities and Permissions, and administering these policies across dozens of schools is a sizeable effort.

Permission Click Premium automates the process of sharing forms and policies, approval workflows, and visibility of active events consistently across our schools. We're looking forward to rolling this out across our division.

Iain Riffel

Assistant Superintendent - Programs
Pembina Trails School Division