Permission Click SafePay

Digital Payments For K12

Thousands of users trust Permission Click’s SafePay to streamline their payment collection with digital forms

No setup or licence fees

Enjoy no annual license costs to leverage SafePay for all of your payment collection needs.

Collecting payments faster

You could be collecting over 50% of payments in less than 1-hour.

Accelerated setup

Any Permission Click account can enable and set up SafePay payment collection in as little as 5 minutes.

Unlimited possibilities

Start of Year Fees, Field Trips, Item Sales, School Fees, Spirit Wear, and more are all possible with SafePay.

Permission Click is an awarded cashless transaction management solution for the Province of Ontario

SafePay provides a simple, secure and streamlined way to collect payments with your Permission Click digital forms

Permission Click SafePay gives your parents a single, trusted experience when completing forms that require payment collection. Collecting fees with form submissions is easy and seamless in our drag and drop form builder and does not require costly setup or ongoing account fees.

SafePay provides you with a PCI-compliant solution and industry-leading fraud protection using the most advanced AI-powered detection system in the industry.

SafePay allows you to collect payments using most payment methods, including all major credit cards, debit cards, and linked wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

Why cashless transactions

  • Fast transactions
  • More convenience, more fees collected
  • Collect fees and forms from anyone, anywhere
  • Audit trail

  • Collect more money faster and with no manual processing
  • Get payment requests returned with no manual follow-up

With Permission Click SafePay collect fees easier, faster and more secure

Screenshot of the PC Payment Screen

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Flexibility of customizable options
  • Complete deposit and financial reporting
  • Powered by Stripe
  • World-class security standards. PCI Level 1 compliant using AES 256-bit encryption

Screenshot of the PC Payment Screen
Screenshot of the PC Form Manager
Screenshot of the PC Form Manager

  • Districts can create and share approved templates and track reporting centrally
  • Partial order refunds
  • Send to parents using existing district parent portals or communication tools, or leverage the Permission Click platform to send directly to parents
  • Parents rave about Permission Click’s unmatched ease of use
  • You’re totally supported with an unrivaled customer success team to ensure you hit the ground running

These are some of the ways K–12 schools and districts are using Permission Click SafePay

Start-of-year fees

Field trips

Fundraising and donations

Spirit wear

Band rentals

Supply fees

Lunch and hot-lunch

Pizza day

Expand with District Edition

We are building the world’s leading K–12 policy compliance and workflow automation platform to digitize and automate your forms, approvals, workflows, and processes in a single trusted platform.

  • SSO with Google or Microsoft Active Directory with role mapping.
  • Integrated Data Fields — Pre-populate forms with data for respondents to confirm or update from other systems inc. SIS, LMS, ERP, Accounting systems, and more.
  • Permission Click Processes — String multiple forms and workflows together to automate entire processes including new staff hiring and student travel policies.

Let's see if we're a fit for your district

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